Our WFH mode is in full-swing and we don't think that we'll be stepping into our offices anytime soon. Although we initially did enjoy working from the comforts our own home, now we're looking for a change of space to break the monotony. So if you're nodding your head in agreement on this, then do check out Breworks- the latest co-working initiative by The Beer Cafe in Lucknow.

Work, Meetings & Beers; Make it 'work' your way!

You might be an entrepreneur running a start-up or an employee who is just trying to juggle between team Zoom calls and clients- we know that you could really use a bottle of chilled beer! So what better than The Beer Cafe, where you can do your office work while chugging your favourite ale?!

Benefits of this makeshift office space

The Beer Cafe is offering you comfortable seating so that you can sit here to work for hours and they have all the right ingredients to amp up your work experience. You can expect high-speed WiFi, scanner, printer, parking space (subject to availability) and of course, a lively ambience coupled with a great playlist. This ideal makeshift office will be available for use, Monday to Friday, 2 PM - 7 PM. You'll also be served with 2 cups of complimentary tea/coffee during your time span here, to keep you feeling refreshed. In case you need to print out any documents, your first 5 prints will be absolutely free of cost and the 6th print onwards, you've gotta pay up ₹5.

The Beer Cafe has furthermore, chalked out seating arrangements for your group meetings and on the occasion of a business event, they have special packages for you; just give them a call and sort out your plans!

But what are the costs?

For a day, you've gotta shell out ₹399, ₹1500 for a week and ₹5000 for a month and these packages are designed for a single person. Pretty economical right?! That's not all. These packages are fully redeemable on food and drinks. As in, if you're paying ₹399 to work here only for a day, then you can eat or drink for the same amount of money without paying anything extra! But do note, these deals cannot be extended beyond their expiry date.

One Pager Breworks menu.pdf

So if you're willing to make changes to your boring work pattern, then The Beer Cafe is the place for you. Just call up your favourite colleagues or a friend and head out here!

Location- Beer Cafe, Summit, Vibhuti Khand, Gomti Nagar Lucknow

Contact Number- 7068178635

Email- tbc50@beer.cafe

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