Lucknow's Vintage Machine will brew our favourites once again, July 8 onwards

Lucknow's Vintage Machine will brew our favourites once again, July 8 onwards

For your serving of deja 'brew', Lucknow's Vintage Machine is welcoming us all, July 8 onwards

If you're a true-blue Lucknowite, we're sure that your coffee dates with friends or bae are synonymous to chilling at Vintage Machine for the better part of your day. But due to the several restrictions in place, all of us had been tied to the boundaries of our homes and visiting VM started seeming like a thing of the past! So to bring you out of throwbacks and your house gates, Vintage Machine will once again host their patrons from 8th of July onwards.

What's Brewing?

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Creating a stir of excitement in the hearts of the coffeeholics in Lucknow, Vintage Machine is once again welcoming us with open arms, 8th of July onwards. Although the closing time has been shifted to 10PM, we're thoroughly excited to step out and it's almost as if we can smell our orders already! Their coffee always feels like a hug in a mug and during such times of social distancing, we're totally looking forward to hugging it out here.

We hail Vintage Machine as our second home so you can be assured of top-notch safety here while having a good time with your friends just like the pre-covid times. The sheer thought of flipping through the menu while sharing a laugh with our pals and flooding our Instagram with stories, is making us happily smirk.

Bid Adieu to Boredom!

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So arm yourselves with sanitizers and masks and start chalking out your hangout plans with buddies and bae because this is surely a much-awaited day for us! But do remember to stick to the basic rules of hygiene and other precautionary measures because you surely wouldn't want to fall sick now. Remember, there's no VM coffee in isolation wards so being safe is better than being sorry.

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