Lucknow's 'We Hope We Care' is handing out free essentials for the needy amid COVID uproar!

Lucknow's 'We Hope We Care' is handing out free essentials for the needy amid COVID uproar!

Free meals, medicines, fruits, groceries and other essential items to anyone in need.

As the city consolidated its efforts to combat the fatal second COVID wave, a number of social and voluntary organisations in Lucknow, came forward to add the needed glimmer of hope. One amongst these is the 'We Hope We Care' foundation, promising relief for both COVID-hit individuals and those affected by the pandemic propelled lockdown. Through their widespread programs, they are providing free meals, medicines, fruits, groceries and other essential items to anyone and everyone in need.

Rescuers of the deprived amid the ongoing pandemic

Functional since January 2020, the organisation has conducted cloth distribution, blood donation, sanitary pad distribution and plantation drives coupled with the disbursement of food supplies, before the pandemic set in. Now, the altruistic group of individuals has converged efforts to help people pave their way out of the pandemic.

Rishabh Srivastava, the founding president of the organisation says, "All meals for COVID patients are being prepared as per the advice given by the dietician. During the preparation process, it is ensured that safe and hygienic practices are followed. We have 200 to 500 calls every day in the past 4 weeks. Currently, at least 120 meals are given by us daily besides the supplies of groceries, dairy products, medicines and other essentials." Additionally, they are also conducting food drives for other deprived sections of the society, including daily wagers, vendors and hawkers and the destitute living on the streets.

Help them scale up their operations & accelerate the noble deeds!

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With high aspirations and higher goals, the group wants to expand its scope to a larger count of beneficiaries and they need your help for that. Assuring complete accountability, the organisation makes sure to inform the donors about the entire process of services. Rishabh tells, "We provide 'thank you' notes to anyone who helps us. Additionally, pictures and bills are also given to anyone who asks us for them. If we can get sufficient funds, we are sure that the benefits can be extended to more people."

Lending a helping hand to the needy is definitely a step that takes you closer to your soul and given the current reality, each contribution can alter lives significantly. You can contribute through the following ways-

PhonePe/Google Pay/ PayTm- 8052999903

Via Bank transfer-

Bank Name- HDFC Bank A/C No.- 50100171030394 Name- Rishabh Srivastava Branch- 17/3 Tekari Chambers Ashok Marg, Lucknow-226001I IFSC Code- HDFC0001267

Knock Knock

When extraordinary circumstances are being observed in Lucknow, it is the selfless commitment of some individuals that is providing the needed respite to the underprivileged. Here, the efforts of 'We Hope We care' deserves all the applause and commendation. In case you find anyone around who can be benefitted, reach out to the samaritans at one of these numbers-

Rishabh Srivastava- 8052999903

Om Rastogi- 9044331038

Akhand Upadhayay- 6388562004

Abhash Pandey- 7318188060

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