Chowmein gol-gappa from Lucknow is breaking the internet, would you try this bizarre fusion food?

Chowmein gol-gappa from Lucknow is breaking the internet, would you try this bizarre fusion food?

While this new weird fusion food has divided the internet, what are your thoughts on it?

Moving over the iconic Tunday ke kebabs and Idrees ki biryani, Lucknow has a brand new offering for all the foodies who love to experiment with their food. Brace your heart for this one as it is not meant for the light-hearted (read stomach). Lucknow- the land of flavours presents Chowmein Gol Gappa! *drumrolls*

Noodles in your pani puri?

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After chocolate samosa and Nutella biryani, here comes another weird food combination, that too from your very own City of Nawabs. And when we say weird, we really mean food combos that are weird as hell! While people have seen different types of puchkas with hing ka pani, jaljeera, nimbu and whatnot, this newly found version of gol-gappa has divided the internet!

Recently a video of a rather unique gol-gappa in Lucknow went viral on social media which amazed some and disgusted the others. The netizens were caught in a frenzy as the gol-gappa vendor gave a new twist to one of the most famous street food of India by adding noodles on top of the pan puris!

We have seen chocolate gol-gappas or even gol-gappa shots but never have we ever witnessed something as bizarre as noodles in our gol-gappas. Interestingly, in this particular variant, you'll not just find noodles! After spreading noodles with ketchup on top, the chef also adds a hearty dose of curd and tooti-frooti and further garnishes it with coriander leaves!

Posted by a user on Instagram, this new fusion food from Lucknow has hit some people more than the third wave of COVID and the comment section under this post is proof of the same!

Knock Knock

While we can't guarantee you the taste, we can surely assure you of the thrill. This rendition is a crazy one and if you think you have what it takes to devour a plate of noodle-batasha, well, what are you waiting for? Challenge your friends and take them on this ultimate gol-gappa adventure!

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