Join hands with Lucknow's Nawabi Tails Rescue to protect the city's stray, this Int'l Dog Day!

Join hands with Lucknow's Nawabi Tails Rescue to protect the city's stray, this Int'l Dog Day!

Nawabi Tails Rescue has provided care to more than 2,000 animals and ensured the adoption of nearly 200 Indian dogs.

Redefining the essence of love and empathy for animals, Dr. Vishakha Shukla, a qualified surgeon from Lucknow, has led the cause of stray welfare through the past 8 years. Tagged as Nawabi Tails Rescue, her non-profit organisation undertakes rescue and rehabilitation initiatives for homeless and injured animals. Driven by a strong and committed will to help strays, the welfare group has rescued more than 2,000 four-legged beings and ensured the adoption of nearly 200 Indian dogs.

Scaling up operations through a long journey of over 8 years!

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A true animal lover, Dr. Vishakha started this initiative in 2012, when she was an undergraduate student at King George Medical University. Through her first rescue operation, she got her first dog-child, Bella, who still lives with her. While rescuing Bella, she faced umpteen difficulties in obtaining sound treatment for her and this experience prompted her to start Nawabi Tails.

Thereafter, she took a rented house and started a foster home for stray animals. Under this program, injured strays are picked up from the streets and the needed care and treatment are provided to them. Once they are fit, they are rehabilitated in their original habitat while the company also organises adoption drives for the puppies.

During the COVID lockdown, the company leapt forward to help those dogs and other pets, whose parents could not take care of them. In addition to this, Nawabi Tails also looked after dogs, whose caretakers were struck in nations abroad. Through extensive efforts, the organisation attempted to ensure support to as many animals as possible.

'Freedom from Rabies' campaign to assure health & safety of dogs

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Recently, Dr. Vishakha rescued a dog who bit her and passed away the same day. Upon detailed examination, it was found that the dog was infected with rabies infection. In view of this event, the founder of Nawabi Tails started a new campaign called 'Freedom From Rabies'.

As a part of this project, the company aims to vaccinate 2,000 dogs against the rabies virus, from different localities of Lucknow, in a period of 3 months. In addition to this, the inoculated dogs will get a reflective collar around their neck, in a bid to save them from accidents during low visibility.

Started on August 15, the scheme has witnessed the vaccination of nearly 120 dogs till now. Further, Dr. Vishakha informed that citizens can get their areas registered for these drives and they can also contribute to the scheme by sponsoring it. As per the given information, city residents can fund vaccination for one dog at a cost of ₹90. Other than this, the organisation will bear the cost of immunisation for all non-funded yet registered areas.

A number of altruistic individuals from Lucknow including Poloumi Pavini Shukla (Lawyer, Supreme Court and Public Speaker), Prashant Shukla Sharma (IAS, Special Secretary Finance), Rajlakshmi Singh Yadav (Founder, Planting Stories), Aditi Jaggi Rastogi (Celebrity Designer), Kavya Dviwedi and Sikandar Masood (CEO, Masood Civil Engineering), have funded the vaccination of dogs in different parts of the city.

Upcoming project to guarantee food & water supply for the dogs

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Through another upcoming initiative, Nawabi Tails plans to install recycled PVC pipes along the boundary walls in certain areas. Anyone who wishes to feed the dogs can put food and water in two different pipes and the dogs will be able to have it from there easily. Besides, the officials from the company will also take care of the food and water supply. Further, Nawabi Tails is working on a plan to start a shelter home for cows, horses and poultry, this winter season.

As a message for the readers, Dr. Vishakha says, "I want to tell people to stop buying dogs and start adopting them. From our experience, these stray Indian dogs are equally adoption-friendly and trainable. They don't get sick and they don't need a lot of food or maintenance. Plus, they are very protective and intuitive. So we want to put this idea forward where people try and adopt these dogs instead of buying from pet stores. Adopt, don't shop."

Knock Knock

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With an array of activities, Nawabi Tails Rescue is trying to build safer lives for dogs and other stray animals. While the company has shouldered a string of responsibilities for this purpose, you can also do your bit by sponsoring the vaccinations under the 'Freedom From Rabies' project. Interested folks can contact Dr. Vishakha at 7905934763 or mail her at Click here to get your area registered!

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