LuLu Mall's Superhero Summer event will unite kids with their beloved Cartoon Network toons

LuLu Mall's Superhero Summer event will unite kids with their beloved Cartoon Network toons

The beloved Cartoon Network Stars, Teen Titans Go are heading to LuLu Mall this weekend for a fun-filled bash that your kids won't want to miss!

With summer vacations on in full swing, your little ones may be feeling as restless as a fish out of water. But worry not! Lucknow's LuLu Mall has a magical ace up its sleeve. Teaming up with Cartoon Network, the place has now transformed into a vibrant and lively wonderland, promising a party like no other, which is sure to have your kids over the moon with joy!

So, get ready for an epic adventure at LuLu Mall's Toonville Superhero Summer extravaganza this weekend on May 27 and 28, as the dynamic stars of Cartoon Network and DC Comics, Teen Titan Go, take center stage to captivate and thrill your little ones!

Calling all Teen Titans Go fans! LuLu Mall welcomes your favourite heroes

The thrilling spectacle, which is on since May 19, LuLu Mall has already rolled out the red carpet for adored toons like Scooby Doo and Ben 10, winning over the hearts of kids.

This weekend, brace yourself as the beloved Teen Titans Go, including Robin, Cyborg, Raven, Beast Boy and Starfire, swoop in to meet your little heroes. LuLu Toonville Superhero Summer is a storehouse of excitement, igniting your kids' imagination with interactive anchors that keep them on their toes.

Here they can dive into a fab play area while unleashing their energy, make new friends, and embark on unforgettable adventures, all available for free.

Secure shopping, happy kids! LuLu Mall ensures a worry-free experience

Along with this, the mall goes the extra mile to ensure total safety for the children. Adding peace of mind, the mall's top-notch security facility offers complete monitoring, guidance and care for your little ones, free of cost.

You have the option to either stay and observe your kiddo socialize, play, and interact in the captivating play area or take the opportunity to shop in the mall while your little one continues to bask in the excitement of the event.

So better mark the dates in your calendars and join the ultimate adventure at Lucknow's grandest shopping destination, LuLu Mall! Accompany your little ones as they are teleported to a mesmerizing wonderland straight out of the Cartoon Network channel. Don't miss out on this whimsical journey of joy and imagination!

Where: Main Entrance Area, LuLu Mall, Lucknow

When: May 27-28

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