Make way for Dr. Chitij Shukla, our very own superstar from Lucknow

Make way for Dr. Chitij Shukla, our very own superstar from Lucknow

Giving fuel to her passion, Dr. Chitij Shukla at 41, is a true inspiration for today’s youth.

Born and brought up in Lucknow, Dr. Chitij Shukla is our very own superstar. The highly accomplished scholar is not just mother of two children and a dedicated housewife but is also an athelete, who manages to keep her dream alive and run almost fifteen kilometres, EVERYDAY.

Keeping a balance between her family and career, Dr. Chitij Shukla at 41 years, is a true icon and inspiration for today’s youth.

Success and struggles go hand in hand

Our local superstar, comes from a family of farmers, who toiled through the day for their pay’s worth. Given her background, Dr. Chitij Shukla realised the importance hard-work and education at a very young age.

And today, she stands as an example for not only for her family but everyone who hears about her.

No ‘no’ in her dictionary 

Not only is Dr. Chitij Shukla a renowned athlete but is also a highly accomplished academic scholar. She has post graduation degrees in genetics, environmental science and MBA in human resources, up her sleeve. She recently got done with her PhD in Zoology and is currently pursuing diploma in biotechnology from Mumbai University. All that in one lifetime? Yes, indeed.

Apart from all this, Mrs. Shukla is also a chemistry and biology teacher at Byju’s.

'Nothing can stop me, I’m all the way up'

Breaking through the shackles of this society, Dr. Chitij Shukla has come out to be a true inspiration. This however, didn’t come easy to her. All these achievements are a result of dedication and a discplined life.

Bhaag Shukla, Bhaag

Being good at anything does not just require talent but sheer determination and consistency. Living upto this is Dr. Chitij Shukla, who since 2012, has been tirelessly following a rigorous fitness regime. Inspired by people on social media, she found her true passion in running and has ran for multiple marathons every since.

Among the many accords to her name, Dr. Chitij Shukla is an Urban Race Champion, 2021 and has a record for running maximum distance of 32 kilometres in 3 hours at Stadium Run, 2021.

Known far and wide, Dr. Chitij Shukla has proved her metal in all walks of life. Filled with the zeal to make everyday count, her life story is nothing short of a memoir. Standing in the hall of fame, Dr. Chitij Shukla at 41, plans to leave no stone unturned in her life’s journey ahead.

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