Make your wardrobe witty with PHUN Unlimited’s quirky tees in Lucknow!

Make your wardrobe witty with PHUN Unlimited’s quirky tees in Lucknow!

“What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today, when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language.”
Miuccia Prada

Everyone wears T-shirts. They are one of the most versatile things you can have in your wardrobe. From being worn at home and feeling comfortable to being styled with elaborate skirts and blazers, T-shirts are the friends of all.

If what you need is a cool T-shirt that is not only comfortable but a great conversation starter, you really need to give Phun Unlimited store in Lucknow, a visit.

Make your wardrobe witty with PHUN Unlimited’s quirky tees in Lucknow!

Phun Unlimited is a fashion and lifestyle store located in Patrakar Puram, Lucknow, that is quickly gaining fame for selling T-shirts with designs that are funny, very witty and full of puns. The brand is the brainchild of designer and entrepreneur Tarun Mishra, and 4 of his friends and ex-colleagues, Ankit, Arnab, Amitabh and Cyril, who all are from digital advertising space, also headed by Tarun's elder brother Rohit Mishra, who handles the finance and his wife Neha Awasthi Mishra, who handles the Marketing.

For them, Phun Unlimited is all about being 'fun' and 'witty'. This team of entrepreneurs firmly believes that Lucknow city, as a market, offers tremendous opportunities in the business of creative merchandizing.

Our Knocksense representative, recently got the chance to visit the store and experience the T-shirts up close. And he found the designs very funny and 'punny' - a term that Tarun & team has coined for their products.

"Our designed T-shirts can be perfect addition to any wardrobe. Be it a guy or a girl!", Tarun quoted.

Make your wardrobe witty with PHUN Unlimited’s quirky tees in Lucknow!

He further added, “We look for designs we can relate to, designs that make us laugh and are nostalgic, designs that touch our heart and can bring back memories, and at Phun Unlimited, you’ll find exactly that. Original designs, all of which will definitely go with your taste, that too at an affordable pricing!”

When asked about what makes Phun Unlimited T-shirts different from others, Tarun confidently answered, "The T-shirts we create are made from the softest and finest material, to make sure that the person wearing them doesn’t just look cool but should also feel the kind of comfort only T-shirts provide. We can be trusted to bring unique and fun designs every season, something that the customer is constantly looking for. We have an answer to everyone’s requirements, be it a fashion enthusiast or a comic book lover."

Phun Unlimited’s store entire vibe screams quirky and witty, as soon as you enter the store you are bombarded with vibrant colors, from posters to walls and even the little figurines on the table, everything is exceptionally cool and has a character of its own. The store, in itself is a sight to behold and every time you step in you are hit with a sudden rush of deja vu, of either being transported to the sets of a cartoon or into The Big Bang Theory’s comic book store. This is one of the most amazing stores we’ve been to and would recommend it a 100 percent.