Mango intoxication just got real! Langras & Dussehris to be used for making wine in Uttar Pradesh

Mango intoxication just got real! Langras & Dussehris to be used for making wine in Uttar Pradesh

Mango, jamun & litchi liquor production to begin soon in Uttar Pradesh

Tipplers will soon be able to savour the flavour of Langras and Dussehris mango in form of wine in Uttar Pradesh. As per reports, the state has decided to initiate domestic production of fresh fruit liquor, brewing and fermenting wines made from mangoes, jamuns and litchi. Officials have recognized this move as a conscious effort aimed at increasing fruit production and sale, boosting farmers’ income and excise revenue in Uttar Pradesh.

Why mango wine?

The sale and distribution of mangoes faced a major setback this year due to a lack of produce and unfavourable climate conditions. About 30-40% of this low yield further got soiled due to oppressive weather, drastically affecting farmers' income.

In such a situation, preparing and selling mango products made up of fruit unfit for retail has been recognised as a corrective measure by many farmers and local manufacturers. And while pickles and murabbas deal with unripe fruit, the production of mango wine will help utilise the overripe mangoes.

Reportedly, this was the basis of the long research by BHU scholars that prepared the mango wine recipe. Scientists have further noted the high antioxidant and polyphenol content in mangoes that can help fight heart disorders, skin diseases and even cancer in some cases.

As of now, the production recipe is in the initial stages, it has been sent to the Ethical Committee of the University for the final approval. Reportedly, post-approval there will be a few more rounds of testing. After which its production can be started.

Why only Langra and Dussehri to be used for wines?

Another study led under the supervision of Abhishek Dutt Tripathi, Assistant Professor, Center of Food Science and Technology Department experimented with the production of mango wine using 6 varieties of mango. Variants such as Banganapalli, Neelam, Totapari, Dussehri and Langra were included in the purview of the research, where it was concluded that both Langra and Dussehri were most suitable for making a wine that works as a health tonic.

As the research progressed it was found that wine made from Dussehri and Langra varieties will contain alcohol from 9 to 12% which is higher than the alcohol content in a normal beer but a little less than the wine made from grapes. As per the initial reports, the 650 ml bottle of mango wine will be sold for ₹200.

Mango intoxication just got real! Langras & Dussehris to be used for making wine in Uttar Pradesh
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