Meet Ajay & Gaurav, a talented artist duo who draw instant portraits on demand in Hazratganj

Meet Ajay & Gaurav, a talented artist duo who draw instant portraits on demand in Hazratganj

Painting the vibrant nightlife and fascinating people of Ganj.

One minute you see an empty page, the next minute you see a vivid portrait of life after sundown in Hazratganj. And what a vibrant life it is! After all, Ganj truly comes alive every evening, buzzing with people from all walks of life, going through their day at their own pace.

Meet two such people- Ajay Yadav and Gaurav Kumar Gautam, an artist duo who can be found painting portraits at gate number 1 on the Hazratganj metro.

Seeking inspiration from the fascinating Ganj nightlife, they sit and draw instant creative paintings, portraits, sketches, and more on demand, starting at just ₹200.

Earphones plugged in; Art pouring out of the soul

Ajay Yadav, one half of this artist duo who is a native of Kushinagar, has completed his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Lucknow University. He says people in Hazratganj show a lot of interest in his work. Speaking with Knocksense, he proudly mentioned, "the response we get here is great".

Gaurav Kumar Gautam, on the other hand, is Ajay's junior and is currently pursuing his BFA from Lucknow University. In the midst of drawing his portraits, Gaurav stops multiple times to seek some advice from his senior.

As you sit next to these artists, what stands out the most is how engrossed the two are in their art. Also, everything they draw is not for monetary gains. When asked about the 'why', Ajay Yadav says, 'I've been doing art for nearly a decade now. We come here to hone our craft. We also get to earn some money on the side, which is great.'

For the love of the arts

But it's not all hunky dory for these artists in Hazratganj. Ajay informed that the police sometimes ask them to leave when it gets too crowded. 'However that has happened only a couple of times', he added.

When asked if those instances discourage him, he said, "I love to do spontaneous art like this. It is a great practice and the crowded lanes of Hazratganj somehow bring out the creativity in me like no other place does, so no these instances don't discourage us".

Hazratganj- a stage for budding artistes!

Street performers have been showing up gradually in Hazratganj, given its daily footfall and age-old charm. Be it for singing, dancing, miming, or sketching, different artistes across Lucknow are making a beeline for Hazratganj to gain an audience. And as residents of this great cultural city, it is now our responsibility to encourage and support these talented performers!

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