Mega redevelopment of Lucknow and Kanpur Railway Stations underway

Mega redevelopment of Lucknow and Kanpur Railway Stations underway

The process for revamping Lucknow and Kanpur Railway Stations in addition to other railway zones has spun into motion.

Embarking on a journey to revamp railway stations, Indian Railways is redeveloping two major stations in North India - Lucknow’s Charbagh Railway Station and Kanpur’s Central Railway Station. Making train travel easier and more comfortable, this make-over by Indian Railways is long awaited. The initiative will help in increasing job opportunities for people at Lucknow and Kanpur railway stations. Overall, the move is planned to bring more amenities for travellers.

Refurbished model of the new stations 

These stations will be refurbished to add provisions like spacious roof plazas containing a food court, waiting lounge, children’s play area, designated space for local handicraft products and more. The stations will incapsulate facilities for disabled people like ramps, legible signages and so on.

Further, the stations will adopt intelligent and green technologies from here on. The railway stations will also be well connected with the city’s transportation network such as metro and buses. However, the timeframe for the construction is quite long since multiple stake holders and various statutory clearances are involved.

52 other stations to go under a revamp

Apart from Lucknow and Kanpur, the Indian Railways is redeveloping 52 other railway stations across the country. Among the list of stations where work is in progress at different stage include Ayodhya, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow Charbagh, Gwalior of NCR and the stations where work is under tendering stage are Prayagraj, Kanpur Central and Ghaziabad of NCR.

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