MeT issues heatwave warning for Lucknow; no relief from searing heat in upcoming days!

MeT issues heatwave warning for Lucknow; no relief from searing heat in upcoming days!

People are advised to stay hydrated at all times and venture outdoors only when absolutely necessary

Uttar Pradesh Meteorological Department has issued a severe heatwave warning in Lucknow for the next 24 hours. At the same time, a warning for strong hot winds, reaching 30 to 40 kilometers per hour are expected in parts of western Uttar Pradesh. The alert also points at the likeliness of similar weather patterns in many isolated areas in UP too.

While the western coast of India is witnessing the first showers of rain, for the Northern part of India, specially Uttar Pradesh, the deal with heat-waves seems to stretch longer. With the weekly average temperature hitting a 43°C high during daytime, Lucknow has been witnessing the hottest phase of the summer season. And this spell is expected to continue today.

As per the state MeT forecast, Lucknow and few other UP districts are set to experience an intense heat wave on Saturday, accompanied hot winds and high temperatures. In line with this, the Meteorological department has issued an advisory to avoid the blisters of hot winds by:

  • Avoiding exposure to direct sunlight

  • Covering the head with a cloth cap or umbrella

  • Wearing light cotton clothes

  • Staying hydrates by drinking water and juice from time to time

People are futher advised to venture outdoors only when absolutely necessary. Young children and elderly, on the other hand, are advised to stay indoors only.

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