Mission Shakti 4.0: Workshops for girls in Uttar Pradesh aim at imparting self-defence skills

Mission Shakti 4.0: Workshops for girls in Uttar Pradesh aim at imparting self-defence skills

7 day workshops across 75 districts of Uttar Pradesh

Aimed at empowering girls and imparting self-defence skills, the UP state government has decided to conduct a workshop for 10,000 girls in Uttar Pradesh, under its flagship women empowerment programme – Mission Shakti 4.0.

7 Day workshop across 75 Districts of Uttar Pradesh 

The state government‘s ambitious Mission Shakti program aims to ensure safety, dignity and self-reliance for women from all sections of society. The objective of the workshop is to empower girls and enable them to protect themselves against real-life scenarios such as sexual assaults, kidnapping, molestation, bullying etc.

The seven day workshop, will be conducted across seventy-five districts of the state. The module for self-defence training will proposedly be designed by Sports and Fitness Sector Skill Council of India.

After the training, a self-defence kit will also be given participants to help them guard against a criminal assault or any such unforeseen threat.

What‘s Mission Shakti 4.0?

Mission Shakti 4.0, aims to address issues related to domestic violence, sexual discrimination, harassment in workplace, illegal sex determination and abortion-related matters of women across communities, age and socio-economic backgrounds.

An official stated that the initiative will be beneficial for women who hesitate or are unable to reach out to the police. Under this initiative women will directly speak with the DM, who will take necessary actions regarding protection, security mechanism, suggestions, assistance in cases related to harassment of women and girl children.

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