Your prayers just got answered! Mocha in Lucknow all set to open on July 1

Your prayers just got answered! Mocha in Lucknow all set to open on July 1

Mocha opens, ensures a safe dining experience for you!

One of the most preferred party places in Lucknow, Mocha Cafe is all set to host the foodies and partyholics, once again. For all those people who had been missing Mocha's amazing food and vibe, the wait comes to an end tomorrow, i.e. July 1.

It's finally time to say goodbye to those boring weekends with Mocha's killer pizza and unconventional fusion desserts, that we'd been craving so bad!

Mocha ensures a safe dining experience-

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Times are tough and the threat hasn't completely subsided till now, which is why Mocha's staff has been trained to deliver safe dining experiences to its guests. You can be sure about your food being cooked in the most hygienic way possible at the cafe, as the staff has been guided to wash their hands as per the guidelines and will be wearing gloves at all times. Furthermore, a digital menu is going to ensure your safety, while you order your food at Mocha.

Say goodbye to boring weekend!

After months of staying away from your favourite food and drinks, it is now time to get back to relishing all of it now because Mocha is back in action. Weekends will be fun once again and gorging on the mouth-watering pizzas and cheesecakes at the rooftop with an amazing view will no longer be a thing of the past.

So, grab your masks and sanitizers and get ready to relive the best days of your life.

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