It's time to relive the good old days amid plush new interiors at Molecule in Lucknow!

It's time to relive the good old days amid plush new interiors at Molecule in Lucknow!

Molecule is all set to surprise you guys with some new elements once again, just like the good old times.

Donning a brand new and revolutionised avatar, Lucknow's pepped-up party place- Molecule is all set to sort your hang-out plans once again. Unlocking its doors on Wednesday, the upgraded version of the resto-bar will help you win a hearty escape from your mundane WFH schedules! So get ready to experience something new amid the same old kick-ass vibes echoing through reformed settings at Molecule.

Fueling up your party scenes with neon lights, selfie points & much more!

For the party lovers in Lucknow, Molecule needs no introduction but if you have still not trudged through the lit-up environs of this magnetic place, you are surely missing out on a lot in life! Drinks, desserts or sumptuous inviting meals, the expansive range of offerings available at this gravitating centre makes it an unparalleled destination for you.

When the curfew pulled down shutters on the city life, Molecule took this time to reform its appeal and now, the delightful evenings are all set to unravel from Wednesday onwards. Overhauling the experience, the renovated interiors equipped with neon lights, selfie points and just those groovy magical waves can surely spice up your moments.

Royal and inviting, the cocktail and gastronomical varieties at this centre are something that every party animal in the city can vouch for! Amid the finger-licking dishes of their menu, the butter chicken tarts and chicken poppers will cage your taste buds, calling you back again and again.

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So here's what we are saying-

Amping up its overall infrastructure, Molecule has assuredly put its best foot forward so that the fruit of your long wait is sweeter than what they say! While a gang of your best mates would be good for some company, do not forget about the viral enemy and thus, make sure to take along masks, gloves and sanitisers.

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