Women aged 60 & above will soon be able to buy monthly passes for UPSRTC buses at ₹99

Women aged 60 & above will soon be able to buy monthly passes for UPSRTC buses at ₹99

The beneficiary will not have pay any extra amount for the ticket if they have the monthly pass

Uttar Pradesh State Road Corporation (UPSRTC) is planning to start a monthly pass service for the elderly ladies in Lucknow and other UP districts. With the help of this pass, the beneficiary would be allowed to travel via any UPSRTC bus without paying any extra amount for the ticket. Read on to know more about this scheme that is aimed at facilitating easier and cheaper travel for elderly women.

Elderly women to get extra facilities at bus stands

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In a meeting held on Friday, the Principal Secretary (Transport) UP, Rajesh Kumar Singh directed regional managers to conduct a survey, identifying the number of people using bus service on daily basis and how many of them are women aged 60 and above. According to the reports, the government will reimburse the cost of this free travel for women.

As per reports, there is no limit on the number of times one can use service in a month. With this monthly pass, women from the mentioned age bracket can travel in general as well as air-conditioned UPSRTC buses. In addition to this, the elderly women are also likely to be given extra facilities at bus stands as well.

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