Monuments in Lucknow to be spruced up for UP-GIS & G20 Summit

Monuments in Lucknow to be spruced up for UP-GIS & G20 Summit

The beautification drive is not just focussed on the forthcoming events but is targeted to development Lucknow into a prime tourist destination.

In a bid to sustain and preserve Lucknow's historical heritage and to highlight the significant sites in line with the upcoming UP-GIS and G20 events, the authorities are now working on beautifying ancient monuments located in the heritage zone lying between the Kaiserbagh to Hussainabad stretch in the city.

Under this, authorities are rigorously working on the redevelopment of important monuments in Lucknow including Bada Imambara, Naubat Khana and Residency during the first phase which will also be illuminated with facade lighting before the events.

More about the ongoing beautification initiatives

Presently, the Husainabad Trust, the caretaking body in charge of the maintenance of Bada Imambara and Naubat Khana is working on the redevelopment of both monuments while the Architectural Survey of India (ASI) is sprucing up the Residency. Along with this, the Lucknow Development Authority (LDA) is working on the illumination of all the aforementioned buildings.

Other authorities including PWD and LMC are also carrying out citywide beautification initiatives including painting dividers, constructing roads, installation of flower pots in prominent spots and getting walls painted under flyovers.

Lucknow will be developed into a prime tourist destination

Reportedly, five more monuments including the Clock Tower, Rumi Darwaza, Sadat Ali Khan Tomb, Kothi Darshwan Vilas and Kothi Gulistan-e-Iram will also be given facade lighting during the second phase to promote Night Tourism in the city.

With this, Lucknow Municipal Commissioner, Inderjit Singh has stated that the beautification initiative will not just be focussed on the forthcoming events but will be sustained to result in Lucknow becoming a prime tourist destination.

Monuments in Lucknow to be spruced up for UP-GIS & G20 Summit
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