Richi Rich in Lucknow is here with an all-in-one wedding package for your special day

Richi Rich in Lucknow is here with an all-in-one wedding package for your special day

Check out the services by Richi Rich x Moti Mahal Lawn 1 for the dreamlike wedding you deserve.

Moti Mahal's Lawn 1, powered by Richi Rich, is the brand that is here to fulfill ALL your wedding needs! From efficient catering to a magnificent presentation, from offering absolutely scrumptious food to decking up the venue like a bride, they're the chota budget, bada dhamaka you've been looking for throughout.

When we talk about some of the most renowned wedding venues in the city, Moti Mahal lawns is one name that comes to mind instantly. Revivified by Richi Rich in Lucknow, the OG brand is once again ready to become your one-stop wedding solution!

The lavish Moti Mahal lawns

If you're a Lucknowite, there's no way you haven't been to Moti Mahal's Lawn 1 for some function or the other. You can imagine it well when we talk of their stupendous ground strength, prudently covered areas, so many sweepin' stages, their signature beautiful mandaps, classically wooden VIP lounges, spacious rooms to get ready or chill at, and so much more.

However, not everything was under a single roof earlier. With Richi Rich backing Moti Mahal's Lawn 1, this is a complete package in itself. From catering to decor, everything is created by wand of one brand.

If you're team bride/groom, chances are you're exhausted as we speak, running in circles and unable to decide so much around the wedding. Well, look no further. Located in the heart of city, the age-old Moti Mahal Lawns is highly trusted and regarded alike.

Their reputation precedes their name with countless reviews praising the accommodations and services. With ample parking space inside the courtyards, you needn't worry about logistics at all either.

A-class services & amenities

With Richi Rich to your rescue, you don't have to worry about hiring different vendors to do various jobs anymore. We should also add that their sense of décor is well-crafted, smart, and sensible to suit your style.

The presentation of the venue is, as always, incredible with sharp-looking and well-articulated staff and classy crockery only embellishing the amenities they offer.

One-stop wedding solution

Lawn 1 at Moti Mahal, powered by Richi Rich, is all set to become the perfect wedding venue and the go-to wedding planner for you. Check out the services now for the dream-like wedding you deserve and prepare to be awed by them.

Location: Moti Mahal Lawn 1, Rana Pratap Marg, Hazratganj, Lucknow

Contact: 9839001880, 9919997099

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