Mumbai students with assured acceptance in foreign universities allowed for walk-in vaccination

Mumbai students with assured acceptance in foreign universities allowed for walk-in vaccination

Priority inoculation of such students will be conducted at Rajwadi, Cooper and Kasturba centres from Monday to Wednesday.

In the latest tweak to the vaccination schedules in Mumbai, the authorities have allowed for priority inoculation of students who have been granted admissions in foreign universities and are expected to travel abroad. Announcing this decision on Friday, the Maharashtra government stated that the students will be required to produce certain documents for verification, in order to procure their immunity booster jabs. They can head over to the three centres managed by the BMC for getting their doses.

Priority immunisation of students at Rajwadi, Cooper & Kasturba centres

[twitter_embed iframe_id="twitter-embed-1398309073213300742" created_ts=1622217837 name="Aaditya Thackeray" embed_mobile_width=375 text="For students who have received confirmation of admission in universities abroad & require vaccines for the same, the @mybmc has arranged free, walk in vaccination this coming Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (31st May, 1st, 2nd June) at 3 centres- Rajawadi, Cooper & Kasturba (1/n)" embed_desktop_height=271 embed_desktop_width=550 embed_mobile_height=369 id="1398309073213300742" expand=1 screen_name="AUThackeray"]

Maharashtra Cabinet Minister of Tourism and Environment informed that the free inoculation drives for such students shall be conducted at Rajwadi, Cooper and Kasturba centres of the BMC. They will be administered free vaccine doses from Monday to Wednesday at these centres. Further, the minister also tweeted, "The students need to carry I- 20 or DS- 160 forms/ verified confirmation letter to concerned foreign universities, along with personal id documents. This admission and vaccine affecting careers, we are duty-bound to vaccinate them in the required time."

Walk-in vaccination for varied groups of citizens in Mumbai

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As per reports, BMC records indicate a significant success in the vaccination of senior citizens but a large chunk of the population in the 45-60 age group are yet to receive their doses. It is noteworthy that BMC has opened walk-in vaccination for various categories of individuals from Monday to Wednesday. This includes first and second dose inoculation for citizens above 45, second Covishield dose for healthcare and frontline workers, second Covaxin jab for everyone and priority immunisation of women, who became mothers in the last year.

On Friday, 924 new cases and 772 recoveries were logged in Mumbai while 30 lives got snuffed by the deadly virus. As of now, the country's financial capital has 28,793 active patients of thie highly infectious disease.

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