Munick Bistro will be serving Lucknowites once again from July 10th

Munick Bistro will be serving Lucknowites once again from July 10th


This seemingly unending pandemic and the lockdown alongside has had us wishing for a day, where we can just be with our buddies at our favourite hangout points in the city, just like the pre-covid times. And now, this collective wish of ours is coming true real soon because Munick Bistro & Bar will be welcoming its patrons from the 10th of July! Yep, you're reading it right. *Aazaadiyan aazaadiyan starts playing in the background*

What's the Buzz?

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Having us gushing with an unparalleled elation, Munick Bistro has announced that it'll be throwing its doors open for dining services from the 10th of July, till 10 PM and we're already making our weekend plans. Although their bar will be closed, you can still take your picks from their extensive food and beverage menu, which is enough to get you happy high without any tipples!

Imagine, you'll be munching on their finger foods and mouthing the delicious burgers and pizzas from their spread in no time, with your friends by your side and goooood music of course. But if you cannot make it out of your house and still want to relish the goodness of Munick on your palate, you can always order online so that you don't have to keep craving for their deliciousness.

Say Hello to Better Weekends!

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So from this 10th onwards, we'll have hopes of a better weekend than what we have been spending at home all these months, that too without our pals! We honestly cannot wait to fill our Instagram with stories and our tummies with Munick's yummy food which we've been missing for so long now. Don't forget to complete your outfits with masks and do arms yourselves with sanitizers and then step out to have a much-awaited Friyay, like never before.

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