Munick's 'MRP Nights' is all about enjoying liquor at lowest prices on Fridays & Saturdays!

Munick's 'MRP Nights' is all about enjoying liquor at lowest prices on Fridays & Saturdays!

Who can go by a week of dancing, good music or booze? These literally get rid of the dull, tired and rusty brain syndrome we get during the boring work-week? Weekends especially become lacklustre and hard to deal with if we don't get to groove on the dance floor or down a few cocktails. Yet, fun comes at its own price point, the weekend parties and all the "drinks with friends" end up burning holes in our pockets. Not Anymore!

Lucknow's favourite Bavarian bistro & bar Munick has come up with the most amazing offer to save our parties as well as our pockets- 'MRP Night'!

What exactly are MRP Nights?

Munick has come up with a life saving measure and an offer you will just not be able to say no to. The bar and bistro is bringing 'MRP Nights' every Friday and Saturday! Which means we can get the booze at MRP and not have to sell off our kidneys just to pay off the weekend parties!

The offer is undoubtedly one of the best ones you'll find in the city. While some of the bars believe in raising their prices during weekend rush, Munick is making life simpler and happier.

We finally won't have to check every drink we take, keep a tab on the food or wonder if we'll have enough to brave the month-end. We can simply head to Munick, enjoy the drinks at MRP and have a chill AF weekend!

Plus, we can also dare to spend a few bucks on the delicious food that is served here. Indulge in the popular pasta, call for a few well made pizza and have a proper partayy!

Knock Knock

Munick MRP nights are the answer to all our 'going out' qualms. The fact that we can enjoy liquor at MRP is no less than a dream come true! It is especially fun for the boozehead in our circle who would rather stay at home and buy some rightly priced booze than spend a mountain's worth on a drink or two outside.

So if you are looking for a place to party away the weekend, you know exactly where to head!

Offer: Liquor at MRP, every Friday & Saturday

Venue: Munick Bistro & Bar, Ground Floor, Rohtas Presidential Arcade, Near Decathlon, Vibhuti Khand, Gomti Nagar

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