Musicians pay homage to Begum Akhtar in Lucknow

Musicians pay homage to Begum Akhtar in Lucknow

Legendary ghazal singer Begum Akhtar was remembered by a plethora of fans and apprentices here in Lucknow on her death anniversary. Music lovers gathered at her mazaar on November 1 to pay tribute to the maestro. On the occasion, the audience was treated to some of her best ghazals rendered by Koyel Dasguypta and virtuoso Iliyaaz.

While the rendition deeply touched the audience, the musicians were also moved to the core at the ethereal venue. It seemed Begum Akhtar herself had graced the surreal evening. In addition to the musical performances, visitors also laid flowers and lit candles along the mazaar to commemorate the music legend.

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Begum Akhtar, was a well known classical singer who excelled at genres such as ghazal, thumri and dadra themes. She was awarded both the Padma Shri and Padma Bhushan. The Mallika-e-Ghazal, as she was also known, was married to a Lucknow based barrister and was later laid to rest here.

Shruti Sadolikar Katkar, VC of Bhatkhande Music Institute, took the initiative to organise the first such tribute to Begum Akhtar in 2013. Since then, the tradition has taken off and brought back devoted fans to the venue and experience the aura once again.

We hope to see the mazaar buzzing with more fans and connoisseurs of classical Hindustani music. The charm of Begum Akhtar’s epic music is beautifully captured at the mesmerising venue.

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