Nainital Momos: Lucknow’s Only Momo Cafe Gets Bigger & Better With Season 2!

Nainital Momos: Lucknow’s Only Momo Cafe Gets Bigger & Better With Season 2!

The first of its kind in the city, Nainital Momos is a cafe all about Chinese food and of course, momos! It started as a small roadside cart in Lucknow and has grown substantially since then. After their all-vegetarian Season 1, they subsequently opened a larger one with added variety and options for their non-vegetarian clientele as well.

For The Heart

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Located at Husariya Chauraha in Gomti Nagar, this cafe offers a simplistic appeal with a modest decor and is much more spacious than it’s previous version. The food reviews that line their walls speak for their popularity, and they even offer live music to complement your dining experience.

For The Taste Buds

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From sweet to savory, they serve over 85 different types of momos (steamed, fried and tandoori), and the sheer variety of innovative options is bound to make your mouth water. Try any of the tandoori momos, or experiment with their cheese or soupy ones, and end on a sweet note with their delicious chocolate momos. If you’re confused over what to taste, you can just ask the staff for recommendations. Apart from these, they also offer several other Chinese dishes, desserts and a refreshing range of mocktails.

Knock Knock

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If you claim to be a momo-lover, you simply cannot miss this place. Be it for a quick bite or a whole meal, Nainital Momos is sure to provide you with the best momo options in Lucknow. The decent pricing (about Rs 400 for two) and scrumptious variety available is definitely worth multiple visits.

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