Need a reason to get out this winter? Check out Marksmen’s Special Winter Menu

Need a reason to get out this winter? Check out Marksmen’s Special Winter Menu

It’s time for some nom nom nom!

Winter can be merciless but this time, it’s outright war against the hard blowing winds. With temperature dropping left, right and centre, Lucknow is shivering and if you can relate to this, then welcome to the club! For us, winter means snuggling in razais but now, more than ever, we need to step out, cause TBH, the weather will only get worse when summers show up.

And could there be a better motivation than Marskmen launching its winter special menu? Pampering us with all kinds of yummy dishes, Marksmen has been our go-to spot since time immemorial. So, gear up 'cuz it's time to try their special winter menu.

This café does not even need an introduction, does it Lucknowities?

Hazratganj in Lucknow is probably the brightest of roads in the entire city with each space impeccably decked up. And what better place to eat at than the age-old Marksmen, who have, specially for you, curated an exceptional winter menu.

With the peppiest vintage ambience we’ve ever seen, The Marksmen in Lucknow has been our go-to hangout spot ever since it popped up all those years ago.

Warning! This menu will have you drooling in no time

Starting with quick-bites, their Pull Apart Cheesy Garlic Bread and Smoked Keema Pao Gratin will melt in your mouth and we can almost see that expression of upmost happiness on your face. Moving on to their drool worthy gourmet burgers, the TEX-MEX burger patty coated with salsa pick de gallo is pure bliss between buns. Coming to the main course, we sure can‘t miss their amazing Baked Mushroom and authentic Aglio-E-Olio, topped with sprinkles of perfection.

Did you think that was all?! Hold on, if there’s one thing that makes us eagerly look forward to winters, it’s definitely a sweet buttery dessert and what’s better than grabbing a plate of delicious Banoffee Pie topped with Cadbury chocolate dust.

Enough motivation, right? So head out now and take over their flirtatious menu this winter.

Location: 2&3, Maqbara Rd, Hazratganj, Lucknow

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