Need plans for Fri-YAY? Get Bira91 at mrp only @ Mocha in Lucknow!

Need plans for Fri-YAY? Get Bira91 at mrp only @ Mocha in Lucknow!

Our Friday plans just got lit

Akanksha Singh

Akanksha Singh

We're all hit by mid-week blues quite often. The fast paced life and all the responsibilities make weekdays a jumble of things to do and places to be. Which is why we're forever looking forward to and waiting for the weekend. A round of beers with the best of our pals is good enough to put a smile on our faces and finally help us unwind.

If like us, you too are looking for that one weekend "hang" where you can chill with the gang, have some fun and not burn a hole in your pocket, we have just the thing for you. Mocha in Lucknow, is serving Bira91 at MRP. exclusively this Friday, till 6pm!

Let's solidify your plans for the Friday!

Bira is undoubtedly one of the most sought after beer brands, especially in Lucknow since the Bira is new to the city and available only at selective places. The fact that Mocha, one of Lucknow's favourite cafes is offering the beer at mrp is good news !

So the deal is, that if you are at Mocha this Friday, any time between 12 noon to 6pm, you can get a good dose of Bira, have a chill session with friends and not bankrupt yourself in the process.

Why does it matter you ask?

Well, no matter where we go, alcohol is that one thing which makes the lion's share of our bill and forces us to hangout indoors. I mean, what fun is a Friday evening if you aren't out with the gang, feasting on some loaded fries, nachos, wings and pizza?

Add to that the fact that you can be snug as a bug at your favourite place in town and you get a sure recipe for an awesome evening!

Knock Knock

With the newest offer, Mocha is surely the place you need to be at. So call your friends, hangout, grab a Bira and spend a chill time. Also, if your friends have been pestering you for a drinks party, now is the time to loosen your pocket and get to it.

Happy drinking!