NER Lucknow Division to restart passenger trains from June 25

NER Lucknow Division to restart passenger trains from June 25

Passengers will soon be able to travel in Lucknow trains with unreserved tickets.

The Lucknow Division of the Northern Eastern Railway has decided to revive passenger trains, across important routes from June 25 onwards. Besides this, the bustle of train travel is set to scale higher with the provision of unreserved ticket travel - with special counters for the same at many stations including the Lucknow Junction. Passengers can buy tickets from these windows while following the norms of physical distancing, read reports.

State government permits to restart passenger trains

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Several trains of the North Eastern Railway network had stopped to function given the COVID outbreak and consequent travel restrictions. At the same time, the operating services had to ensure reservation in the second seating class coaches on express trains to ensure the travelling crowd was well-spaced, in line with pandemic protocols.

These rakes are otherwise designated as unreserved coaches, for immediate travel. On similar lines, the railways was not able to restart passengers trains. However, these will now be restarted amid the bettering conditions of the pandemic and the authoritative permission by the state government.

These trains will commence services?

From June 25:

  • Train no 05087/88 Lucknow Junction Mailani Special
  • Train no 05085/86 from Lucknow Junction Mailani Special Special
  • Train no 05356 Mailani-Bahraich Unreserved Special
From June 26:
  • Train no 05355 Bahraich-Mailani Special
  • Train no 05142 Gorakhpur-Siwan Special
From June 27
  • Train no 05141 Siwan-Gorakhpur Special
  • Train no 05093/94 Gorakhpur-Sitapur Passenger
All passengers will have to follow COVID appropriate behaviour at the station and during transit to ensure personal caution against the virus.

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