Lockdown in several areas of Lucknow, guidelines issued

A complete lockdown like situation will be implemented starting Monday, July 20 till 10 pm on July 24

The city of Lucknow has been witnessing an unprecedented rise in the number of coronavirus cases with over 200 cases reported in less than 24 hours. In order to contain this exponential increase in the spread of virus, the district administration and health officials have come with a new plan. In Lucknow, areas that have 10 or more containment zones will be placed in the most sensitive category and will be put under complete lockdown. By the order of the District Magistrate, 4 regions in the city, namely, Aashiyana, Indiranagar, Sarojininagar and Ghazipur will be turned into complete containment zones.

Lockdown imposed in containment zones

All localities falling under the jurisdiction of the Aashiyana, Indiranagar, Sarojininagar and Ghazipur Police Stations will be turned into containment zones starting Monday till 10 pm on July 24. A large containment zone like situation will prevail here to have a systematic control over the rapid increase in the number of cases and the rate of transmission.

Area sealed in Lucknow AFP

Guidelines of the Lockdown

All areas falling in a 500 meter radius of these regions will remain sealed, that is twice the size of the usual 250 meters. A situation like complete lockdown will be imposed in these regions and all markets, galla mandis and business establishments will remain completely shut. Essential services will continue to operate and so will the supply of fruits and vegetables. All places of religious importance will be open but have to strictly follow the norms of social distancing and other health related guidelines. All establishments and services that are IT enabled will continue to function, respecting all health related restrictions.

Traffic will be permitted if particular objective related to hospital, municipal and electricity services, work of sanitation and cleanliness, infrastructure projects, government development work and workshops is realised. All business establishments and workplaces situated on National and State Highways, away from residential settlements will be allowed to work. However, if any other decision is taken collectively by the District Collector and the Deputy Commissioner with respect to this, it will be implemented with promptness in these regions.

Movement of people living in these containment zones to workplaces outside them will be allowed only for medical staff, paramedics, essential services employees, press and media personals and newspaper hawkers. Their ID cards will function as their duty pass and no restriction of their movement will be applicable. Movement of people to and from from airports is not restricted.

The District Magistrate has requested all citizens to respect the guidelines and norms imposed under lockdown. Any person found flouting these rules will be booked under the Epidemic Act. Apart from this, public address systems of the police and municipal bodies will conduct awareness drives related to the spread of coronavirus and other communicable diseases.

Amidst all this, Lucknowites are requested to take all medical precautions and follow norms of social distancing thoroughly to flatten the steep curve in the city.

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