New driving training centres to soon come up in 58 UP districts to certify drivers

New driving training centres to soon come up in 58 UP districts to certify drivers

Soon, you will not have to reappear for driving test licenses; learn how

Don't want to get entangled in the whole driving license tests' hassle? You can now simply join a driving training centre, learn or improve upon the skills, and get certified/licensed. It is going to become that simple!

The State Transport Department or Parivahan Vibhag has decided to come up with special driving training centers in 58 districts of Uttar Pradesh, including Lucknow. In a move to reduce road accidents, induce safe driving, applicants will be trained thoroughly at these centres, that will include 10 training class rooms, simulator, and automated track training facilities at each one of them.

Learn all about the courses at these centres

The plan for establishing these centres has been given a go-to and the same will be implemented soon. This open-for-all-service aims at training people in a way that they will be fully-qualified to drive well. They will also not be required to appear for any other driving license test, according to the State Transport Authority.

The course fees varies, depending on what the applicants want to learn. For instance, ₹10,000 will be charged to provide training in heavy motor vehicles, ₹6,000 for light motor training, up to ₹1,000 for courses in vehicle machine and maintenance, traffic education, refresher course, road accidents, and more.

These courses will last from four hours to six weeks. Herein, applicants will be able to learn how to drive in hilly areas, too. The drivers who operate government vehicles will have to take the courses once in every 5 years.

If someone has to renew their license in the future, they will have to do a 'refresher course' from here, will have to show the certificate to the transport dept, after which the license will be renewed. This will happen once these centres are established. The refresher course will be 1-hour long and applicants will be able to complete it in 2 days.

UP Districts with driving institutes

Currently, driving, training, and testing institutes have been established in 17 districts including Varanasi, Prayagraj, Gorakhpur, Ayodhya. With joint State and Centre efforts, an Institute of Driving and Research Center in Rae Bareli was also erected. New driving centers will soon come up in the remaining 41 districts.

The initiative will also result in employment opportunities, for some 15 people will be employed in every training centre.

At the moment, a total of 34 private driving training schools are running in Lucknow, however, very limited number of driving courses are available there.

New driving training centres to soon come up in 58 UP districts to certify drivers
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