New happiness park and UP Darshan park to add to the glory of Lucknow

New happiness park and UP Darshan park to add to the glory of Lucknow

A separate musical park will be added to the Gomti Riverfront stretch which will include murals of music maestros.

The City of Nawabs will soon be graced with two brand-new parks, adding to Lucknow's elegance and splendour. The proposal for constructing these parks, which will come up under Lucknow's Smart City Project, has been discussed in detail, and here's what you need to know.

Under the project, a Happiness Park will be added to the Gautam Buddha Park of Lucknow. At the same time, a totally new UP Darshan Project park will be created in the vacant area behind Hotel Taj in Gomti Nagar.

Statues made of waste materials will be inside Happiness Park

As per the detailed proposal pitched by Lucknow's Divisional Commissioner, Dr Roshan Jacob, the Happiness Park will include numerous provisions and facilities which induce delight among the visitors including adults and children.

Identifiable sculptures and murals will be created using waste materials, and will be furnished as selfie points inside the park. Forgotten games such as Gulli-danda, Kancha, Pitthu etc. will be promoted among the children inside this park. The goal is to spread joy whatever way possible.

Gomti Nagar will be graced with UP Darshan Park and Musical Park

Another park which will be known as the UP Darshan Project will also be created. This park will specifically include a display of indigenous items from most of the UP districts. It will focus on all other aspects of UP and what makes it unique.

Additionally, a musical park will come up inside the Gomti Riverfront stretch where murals of noteworthy Indian maestros will be painted. Furthermore, different musical instruments will also be available inside this park which will be made available to skilled individuals and musicians for playing.

The planning for the development of these parks is underway and will be constructed under a public-private partnership model.

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