New measure by Lucknow Traffic Police to ease vehicular movements at Khurram Nagar crossing

New measure by Lucknow Traffic Police to ease vehicular movements at Khurram Nagar crossing

Now, vehicles commuting towards Nishatganj and Tedhi Pulia via Khurram Nagar will take a U-turn at Indira Nagar's Sector 25.

Lucknow's Traffic Police Department is deploying a new initiative for managing excessive traffic at the Khurram Nagar crossing. As per this measure, all vehicles commuting from Picnic Spot road to Nishatganj and Tedhi Pulia will take a U-turn at the Sector 25 crossing in Indira Nagar. Through this latest provision at the road intersection, the vehicles would be able to escape Khurram Nagar's bottleneck, taking a clear road to the aforementioned destinations.

A move to dissipate the clutter of vehicles at the bustling crossing

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Currently, the vehicles from Picnic Spot road, heading towards Nishatganj and Tedhi Pulia, take the route passing through Khurram Nagar crossing. Due to this, the crossing witnesses traffic jams during the prime hours of the morning and evening, which take a lot of time to clear out. With the introduction of this new measure, the clutter of vehicles shall be prevented and the regular commuters will be facilitated with an eased travel.

According to the traffic officers, the Khurram Nagar crossing faces a humongous count of vehicles from both sides. Keeping in view the obstacles caused by this, the concerned officials have initiated this alternative to resolve the situation. After implementation, the officials will take note of the effect on the traffic conditions. Further, if the results are found to be positive, such schemes shall be executed on a larger scale throughout the city.

Students to ease traffic woes in Lucknow

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As per the 'Saathi' initiative of Lucknow Traffic Police, students will be trained to manage traffic situations in the city. The current plans indicate that students shall be assigned duties twice a week, to ensure easy movements of the vehicles. Through this scheme, the authorities wish to set an example of a fruitful state-citizen collaborative project. You can read more about it here.

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