Get ready to be amazed by a brand new avatar of Melting Point at Sushant Golf City in Lucknow

Get ready to be amazed by a brand new avatar of Melting Point at Sushant Golf City in Lucknow

This new outlet of Melting Point is where you need to be right now!
  • Melting Point in Lucknow has cracked open its Easter surprise early this year with an ALL-NEW bakery at Dayal Bagh, that has got us drooling at its aesthetic interiors. Seated at Sushant Golf City, this place is baking love and happiness this festival, drawing us all in to reel in its sweet aroma. So hop onto this latest cutesy cafe cum bakery in town, to relish the exquisite taste of their freshly inducted pizzas and burgers, along with Easter goodies and holiday treats!

A getaway that is perfect for your next date!

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This oh-so-fancy place, with its long french glass windows, plush seating and dim chandeliers hanging from a tall rooftop, is giving us major gallic vibes and you've gotta stop by here once to understand why we are raving about it. And that's not all; one may also enjoy the spring blossoms when here, with their outdoor seating arrangement, which reminds of the Victorian-era decor.

Dayal Bagh is an eco-resort where you can enjoy great food amid nature and greenery, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Its location makes it a perfect choice for a dreamy date, right here in Lucknow.

A special menu surprise awaits you at Melting Point in Dayal Bagh

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Catering to the desires of the foodies here, Melting Point at Dayal Bagh has cracked up an all-new menu to go along with their new store! For the first time ever, the folks here have added an expansive range of juicy burgers, cheesy pizzas and many other new options to their menu.

Also, Easter is around the corner and it has got us buzzing in its festive fervour. If you're yet to finalise those special holiday plans, we have a little something for you that can make your day a lot more fun! Melting Point's new store at Dayal Bagh is a dream come true, for all those who have a thing for beauteous cafes.

So if you want to explore beyond their custom confectionaries, there is no better time than now! Besides this, there of course is a delicious array of other grubs here, so what are you waiting for? Dunk in the ultimate foodilicous spree when here, to add cheer to your celebrations! Do not forget to check out their festive special Easter goodies which are the perfect gifting option this season.

Knock Knock

Who's there?

The Easter Bunny!

Folks, this is the only time of the year when you can place all your eggs in one basket; thanks to this new Melting Point outlet at Dayal Bagh. So just make a beeline to this newest store that is winning our hearts and you sure won't be disappointed! Celebrate the true essence of Easter with your loved one here!

Location: Sushant Golf City

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