New Tedhipulia flyover in Lucknow to open for public, this Friday

New Tedhipulia flyover in Lucknow to open for public, this Friday

A specimen of modern technology, this is the first four-lane flyover in Lucknow that stands on a single pillar at Tedhipulia

Lucknow's new four-laned flyover at Tedhiphulia will be commissioned for public use on April 2, 2021, helping the city dissolve major traffic jams on one of its busiest routes, connecting Munishipulia and Engineering College. An outstanding specimen of modern technology, this overhead road is suspended on a single pillar and stretches for about 1.8-kilometres. As per estimates, this will provide ease of travel and commute to over 1 lakh people, directly benefitting the inhabitants of Aliganj, Khurram Nagar, Jankipuram and other areas in Lucknow.

Lucknow roadways to get a facelift with new flyover

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Built by the PWD at a cost of ₹96 crores, the new Tedhipulia flyover in Lucknow will give a facelift to the roadways here, decongesting traffic jams that stretch over a kilometre. Additionally, road crossing at Tedhi Pulia witnesses a huge count of large and small vehicles both during the day and night, which makes this flyover, need of the hour.

The project was flagged off in February 2019 and while the work was delayed due to the COVID-19 national lockdown, the flyover is now ready and is currently undergoing load trials. The road has been designed and developed by employing means of modern technology and is lifted by 12 50-metre long steel girders and is approximately 21.5metre wide. As per reports, it can shoulder about 45,000 to 1 lakh commuters every day, providing a hassle-free commute in the city.

While all locals and tourists shall be advantaged by this flyover, maximum benefits accrue to the residents around Sitapur Road, Engineering College crossing, Munshipulia, Aliganj, Khurram Nagar, Jankipuram and the neighbouring areas. Additionally, the traffic from Kursi road will take the underpass ahead and the traffic jams shall be prevented.

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