New underpass at Pipraghat with wider opening & higher clearance planned

New underpass at Pipraghat with wider opening & higher clearance planned

The existing Pipraghat underpass has a narrow opening which is often the culprit for traffic congestions.

In a bid to allow seamless vehicular movement of commuters travelling to Gomtinagar and Gomtinagar extension via Dilkusha and Lucknow Cantonment or vice versa, Northern Railways and PWD, Uttar Pradesh have decided to construct a new underpass with a wider opening below the Pipraghat bridge in Lucknow.

The existing Pipraghat underpass sports rudimentary dimensions of 3.5 meters width, and 2.5 meters height. This makes it so that only one car can pass at a time, often causing congestion along the route.

New underpass will have a width of 12 metres

Old underpass below the Pipraghat Bridge
Old underpass below the Pipraghat Bridge

Because of a narrow underpass, commuters often opt for a longer route via Kalidas Marg or Shaheed Path to avoid blockage. Addressing the matter, Northern Railways and PWD Uttar Pradesh have finally initiated the planning for the project. Reportedly, the new underpass will have a width of 12 meters, and a height of 3.5 meters.

As per the plan, two blocks with a width of six metres each will be installed in the new underpass which will take the total width of the road to twelve metres.

The work on the construction will kick off soon as the map for the new underpass has also been passed by the Northern Railways.
S.K. Sapra, Divisional Railway Manager, Norther Railways

Plans for widening of Pipraghat Bridge underway

The Pipraghat bridge which was constructed back in 2019 allows direct access for the residents of Dilkusha and Cantt. areas to Gomtinagar, its extension, Shaheed Path and many national highways. It also facilitates convenient travel for people coming from Gomtinagar to Cantt. area.

Alongside the construction of the new underpass, PWD is also planning for widening of single-lane Pipraghat bridge to tackle traffic woes along the route.

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