Here's a list of B.Sc & M.Sc courses offered at Invertis University

Here's a list of B.Sc & M.Sc courses offered at Invertis University

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One of the toughest decisions you have to take as a teenager is to choose a career path and finalise the institute for your higher studies. With its experienced faculty, a wide range of curriculum and courses, Invertis University is making that decision easier for you. If the field of sciences is where your fascination lies, then check out the B.Sc/M.Sc courses listed below.

Bachelors of Science (B.Sc)

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The Bachelor of Science course is suitable for students who have an aptitute and background in Science and Mathematics and for those who wish to pursue various integrated science careers in future. Some of the most renowned B.Sc courses that students usually opt for after high school are B.Sc Agriculture, B.Sc Physics, B.Sc Computer Science, B.Sc Chemistry, B.Sc Biology, B.Sc Mathematics and so on.

While B.Sc Honours focuses on one major subject or elective papers, B.Sc General institutes basic knowledge of the chosen sciences. Both courses induce theoretical, practical and research components among students.

B.Sc Courses provided at Invertis University:

  1. Bachelor of Science & B.Ed (integrated)
  2. Bachelor of Science in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics
  3. Bachelor of Science in Agriculture
  4. Bachelor of Science in Zoology, Botany and Chemistry
  5. Bachelor of Science in Forensic Science
  6. Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology (Honors)
  7. Bachelor of Science in Chemistry (Honors)
  8. Bachelor Of Science in Computer Science (Honors)
  9. Bachelor of Science in Fashion Design
  10. Bachelor of Science in Mathematics (Honors)
  11. Bachelor of Science in Physics (Honors)

Masters of Science (M.Sc)

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Masters of Science (M.Sc) is a two-year postgraduate programme offered at many universities including Invertis. The course focuses on specialisation in the field of Physics, Botany, Biotechnology, Microbiology, Food Sciences, Mathematics and so on. The course offers advanced theoretical as well as practical knowledge to students in their chosen specialisation.

M.Sc courses to opt at Invertis University:

  1. Master of Science in Biotechnology
  2. Master of Science in Chemistry
  3. Master of Science in Food Technology
  4. Master of Science in Mathematics
  5. Master of Science in Microbiology
  6. Master of Science in Physics

Corporate placements & internships

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"I feel great studying at Invertis University and getting great opportunities as well as support from faculties and placement officials. Being an IT engineer and getting to work with such a great company at the beginning of my career." says Ankit Thakurathi who was placed at Infosys last year.

The corporate avenues at Invertis are gaining strength by aiming for positive results which is steadily improving year after year. Invertis has created bench marks by providing students hands-on experience through orientations, internships, guest lectures, industrial visits, at-work trainings, live projects, seminars and workshops.

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