Know about these 5 NGOs in Lucknow working towards women empowerment!

Know about these 5 NGOs in Lucknow working towards women empowerment!

Reportedly, for every 100 girls in rural India, only a single one reaches class 12 and almost 40% of girls leave school even before reaching the fifth standard

India's struggle with women-related issues has been a long one. While Indian women are dealing in ace cards all over the world, from world politics to science and sports, it cannot be ignored that many women in the same country, are struggling to meet even their basic rights. As the world has progressed and newer technologies have made life easier for mankind, gender disparities have increasingly surfaced in every aspect too. And the need for active interventions at various levels are now needed more than ever! Through their efforts to deconstruct gender biases and empower women, these 5 NGOs in Lucknow are taking the lead. Read on to know more.

Aiming for a just world without gender bias

It's no shocker, that with a primitive thought process and a prevalent patriarchal society, India is still struggling to empower its women. However, certain groups in the country continue to wage war against gender bias on many levels and empower women for a better future. And Lucknow is no exception! Numerous individuals and groups in the city are working towards this cause, round the clock and here's a list of 5 NGOs that you must know about!

Through focused interventions in injustices concerning women. Several distressed women have effectively addressed socio-cultural and socio-economic obstacles, and have come out liberated and empowered, stronger than before. Be it health, education, protection, or participation, all girls deserve equal opportunities and an empowering environment to thrive. It is important to make a difference in their lives to ensure they lead happier and healthier childhoods, which is exactly what these NGOs are striving towards.

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