NH7 Weekender Express is coming to Lucknow tomorrow! Get to know the performers here

NH7 Weekender Express is coming to Lucknow tomorrow! Get to know the performers here

Music is a necessity at any kind of event- be it a food fest, a literature festival, a comic con. NH7 is a night dedicated to great musicians performing to bring you the best of Indian music fused with western themes.

This lineup of artistes should surely be a treat for the ears as they dabble into the depths of all kinds of musical genres. Be sure to visit NH7 on November 17 for a night full of libations and great music to go with it.


aswekeepsearching is an Ahemdabad/Pune based post rock band that incorporates classical Indian music themes and instruments into their music. Their music is very diverse and touches loads of different issues while still being accessible to a new listener. The band has released five successful albums and have gained a very dedicated fan base. They have had a lot of success in their tours and concerts in India as well as in Eurpore. aswekeepsearching are widely experienced and have taken their music on a developmental trip from where they first began and where they are now. Be sure to check them out at NH7 Lucknow.


Maalvika Manoj is a one (wo)man band who is has a great understanding of music -writing it and producing it. She has been influenced by an array of artistes such as Ella Fitzgerald, A R Rehman and Alanis Morisette among others. She also takes inspiration from everyday activities and observations that she sees something interesting in. Her music is calming and peaceful and is sure to make you feel a whirlwind of emotions. The songs are simply structured and are not going to leave you wondering, making for some great easy listening.

Ankur and the Ghalat Family

They have some great musical tones for you in store. Talented musicians, a guitarist with a moving voice will lift up your spirits at the NH7 event. Their music is country folk ballad based, which will be enjoyed by almost everyone who visits the show. Ankur and the Ghalat Family have simple lyrics which resonate within each one of us and talk about basic innate experiences of humans which bring new light to your night. The lyrics do not require you to think much and yet leave enough room for your imagination to fit in.


The Bangalore based four man lineup will rock up your night. They have been performing for a long time and have gained much appreciation by the Indian music community. They have performed in many big cities of the country and have used that experience to hone their skills as songwriters and as all round musicians. Their music is broad and very vivid. It is hard to categorize Parvaaz into one genre as they have a plethora of styles and tunes incorporated in their songs. They will certainly make you move to the groove as you enjoy a night at NH7.

Samar Mehdi

Samar Mehdi is another solo artist who is quite literally a one man show. He uses only his acoustic guitar to replicate sounds of drums, bass and electric music. His great guitar skills will leave you dazzled with awe. His finger style percussive style is his own and is not like any other. He released an album this year that was received well by fans and critics and we hope he plays some of them for us live at NH7. His songwriting style is unique in that it will take you on a trip through lost memories and emotions. His style is what makes him stand apart and you shouldn’t miss his performance.

NH7 Lucknow is going to be a fun packed day where you can immerse yourself in the awe inspiring music of the highly talented bands and musicians who will shower you with love and spread affection through their music. NH7 is not an event to be missed.