NimbleQ Technology & Entrepreneurship Summer Camp for kids in Lucknow to start in June

NimbleQ Technology & Entrepreneurship Summer Camp for kids in Lucknow to start in June

Admissions for the 2-week long NimbleQ Summer Camp begin on June 1; book your slot now!

While vacations and camps on the usual host activities like horseback riding, swimming lessons, dance classes, yoga sessions and so on, it’s time to bring your child to indulge in something entirely different! This summer, let your child participate in the NimbleQ Technology & Entrepreneurship Summer Camp, for a pass-time that spells both fun and functionality!

NimbleQ Technology & Entrepreneurship Summer Camp is a specialised programme that deals with numbers, coding, artificial intelligence, money, business and a lot more that your child can simply learn over a vacation. Check out the details below.

A concept education camp, desgined for the future! 

The NimbleQ Summer Programme is a concept educational programme, designed complete a new-age curriculum. It is an experience that will help young minds develop an understanding of entrepreneurship, and technology while building real-world connections.

For this, the NimbleQ programme has been curated to benefit students on a global scale. This means, that besides Lucknow kids, the Summer Camp will be open to students pan-India and even those in the USA and UAE. THe sessions will be rolled out in a hybrid structure - at the model NimbleQ Institute at Gomti Nagar for Lucknow students and online for those outside the city.

In addition to this flexibility, the camp sessions are hyper-personalised, keeping a child's perspective on things in mind. Targetting kids from KG to grade 8, the sessions are divided in three particular divisions, where you can pick one based on the age and intelligence of your little one. The syllabus of each division is different, curated specifically to approach kids of different classes, training them in different aspects and thus, opening a different world of opportunities for them.

The duration of each programme is 2 weeks, stretching over 10 face-to-face sessions, which can be stitched to your schedule too. So while the admissions begin on June 1, you can pick any two weeks in the month of June to get your child going to the NimbleQ programme, and work around a timeline even if you have vacations planned for the summer.

Why opt for NimbleQ Summer Camp?

With the advent of the Information and Technology age, the world is seeing a dynamic shift, transforming and elevating the scope of employment, the ambition and the possibilities of future.

To put it simply, we are moving towards a new upgrade, each day and soon, all jobs that require recurring procedures will be replaced by digital inventions. This means that a child, if that to make the children future ready, they must be taught new vocational skills, starting now.

This is exactly where NimbleQ finds its place. It devises a multifaceted approach to create professionals of tomorrow, with skills that help them in understanding the businesses, commerce and economies way ahead in time. And curating this vision into a Summer Camp session, NimbleQ invites all parents to enrol their young ones to make them, in fact, holistically trained to take on this future!

Knock Knock 

NimbleQ is an adaptive learning platform that binds the concepts of technological innovations, and inventive thinking to integrate a course that leverages financial and business-driven attitude. Check out their website here.

It targets the inception and promotion of out-of-the-box thinking in young kids and the NimbleQ Technology & Entrepreneurship Summer Camp could be your means to drive your child towards the future they deserve.

Fill in the form here and get your children board the flight of future and success - before any one else does!

Call or message at +91 8077278072

Admissions start on June 1

Summer Camp Cost: ₹2990

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