No more long queues: Lucknow to get 12 new CNG stations soon

No more long queues: Lucknow to get 12 new CNG stations soon

By next year, Lucknow will have 12 new CNG stations and connections to 50,000 new PNG (Piped Natural Gas) lines. The move is a step towards making Lucknow a more eco friendly city and to hopefully eventually reduce pollution.

Lucknow is not the only city in U.P that will get several new gas stations. Over 220 CNG stations will be built all in different districts of U.P. to cater to the ever expanding need of utilising more environment friendly fuels.

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The main goal of PNG is to supply easy access to gas to over 7 lakh households across the state. Additionally, PNG lines will be laid across a length of 13,190 km. With the development plan spanning eight years, we expect to see some welcome change in the future. Of the 222 CNG stations, 12 will be built here in Lucknow, which will enable residents to make use of the environment friendly fuel.

The cost of the project is over a whopping ₹2,700 crores and the government hopes that it will generate about 24,000 jobs in the state. The benefits of this project are many fold - it will push forward an eco friendly fuel era, generate jobs and help supply gas to the more rural areas of the state.

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