Lucknowites, now enjoy 30% off on Munick Bistro & Bar's entire dine-in menu!

Lucknowites, now enjoy 30% off on Munick Bistro & Bar's entire dine-in menu!

Have Zomato Gold? Now get 30% off at Munick Bistro & Bar

Munick has come to be Lucknow's favourite Bavarian bistro and bar. This wonderful rustic place is a hub of good music, great vibes and a dine-in menu that can impress the haughtiest of epicures. With its consistent quality and service and all that it has to offer, Munick totally deserves to be in the list of your favourite places in the city. Now this piece of news we have for you, will totally make you rush to the place right away and will have you jumping with excitement.

If you are a Zomato Gold customer, you can now avail a 30% discount on Munick's entire dine-in menu! Isn't that amazing? Choose from the wide range of Bavarian dishes and eat with all your might while also keeping it light on your pockets!

Flat 30% on everything!

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So far, one could only get a 1+1 on food or 2+2 on drinks, using the Zomato Gold membership. But with the change of rules you can enjoy a massive 30% off on your entire bill.

This means, that no matter what you're getting, a pint of beer, a dish of pasta, you can simply unlock Gold and get a 30% deduction on the whole bill. How cool is that!

So what are you waiting for, head to Munick Bistro and Bar and make full use of the amazing offer.

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