Now receive and pay electricity bills online by updating your KYC from Feb 1-15

Now receive and pay electricity bills online by updating your KYC from Feb 1-15

UPPCL to launch two week long KYC drive across Uttar Pradesh

We all have been victims of standing in long queues every month to pay our electricity bills, which can often get time consuming and tiresome. The Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Ltd. (UPPCL) has now launched a two-week-long, state wide KYC (know your customer) campaign from February 1-15. Once the KYC is updated, consumers will be able to take maximum advantage of the hi-tech application. 

Through this updated software, complaints and problems related to electricity bills will be adressed immediately and payment of dues will be faster and smoother.

Twin objective behind the KYC drive

The KYC campaign has been launched to achieve twin objectives, firstly to collect contact details of all existing three crore consumers and secondly, to encourage people to shift from manual to digital platform. Currently, the Electricity Department possesses personal information (E-mail ID and contact number) of only 30% of users and this makes it difficult for UPPCL to inform consumers about their dues, possible disconnection, power disruption, and more. 

The availability of contact details will also make it possible for the department to give prior information about a planned shutdown in a particular area. Apart from this, government or the department’s schemes that are announced for consumers from time to time will be passed to the users.

With the whole world shifting from age-old manual methods to digital technology, this is a novel approach by UP government to up their game. Follow the tab below to enter your mobile number plus related details and update your KYC!

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