Now, take a tour of the stately Vidhan Bhawan in Lucknow via online booking

Now, take a tour of the stately Vidhan Bhawan in Lucknow via online booking

The website for 'Vidhan Sabha Darshan' will be launched in August post the monsoon session to kickstart online bookings.

As you'd already know, Lucknow houses the splendour that is the Vidhan Bhawan, seat of the bicameral legislature of Uttar Pradesh. This comprises the chambers of UP Legislative Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) and Legislative Council (Vidhan Parishad). And while you might have always witnessed the magnificent dome and spectacle of the grand building from outside, now you can take a tour of the inside and watch a Vidhan Sabha session.

On the suggestion of Satish Mahana, the Speaker of Vidhan Sabha, a special website will be created for the aforementioned purpose. The website, 'Vidhan Sabha Darshan', is slated to be launched in August post the monsoon session.

Book visits online and watch the assembly in slots

Through the same, people will be able to book visits to tour the glorious building. Here, a specified date and time will be allotted to those applying. A maximum number of five slots will be provided in a day, where some 20 people in each slot could visit at once. This way, 100 people per day could visit the assembly.

Different fees will be applied for school students, college students and common people. While the online booking fee for school students is ₹25, college students can book in ₹50 and others can spend ₹100 for the visit.

Moreover, the Speaker of Vidhan Sabha will have the right to waive fees for those unable to pay the fees.

The stately building of the Council House or Vidhan Bhawan in Lucknow has a glorious history. It was established on December 15, 1922 by the then Governor Sir Spencer Harcourt Butler and was inaugurated on February 21, 1928. A fine example of Indo-European architectural craftsmanship in the 20th century, the Vidhan Bhawan holds splendid galleries, halls adorned by beautiful paintings, verandahs and marble staircases.

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