Number plates on UP vehicles: A rage of creativity amidst violated laws

Number plates on UP vehicles: A rage of creativity amidst violated laws

What's the most bizarre number plate, you've come across recently?
People in UP can get highly creative when it comes to flaunting their identities & interests. And in recent times, UPites have discovered their own new way of wearing their hearts on their sleeves. Could you imagine vehicular number plates as a substitute for a visiting card or a reflection of one's interesting inclinations? If not, just glance through the registration plates on your next road trip and you may spot words, instead of numerals, that would leave you wondering! Though a punishable offence, this act of distorting numbers into letters has become been embraced by a huge number of vehicle owners across the state.

A flamboyant violation of the Motor Vehicles' Act

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While the distorted figures on the number-plates may look like a symbol of unmatched creativity, that is actually a flamboyant breach of the Motor Vehicles' Act. Though the size and type of font in which registration numbers are to be painted are clearly defined in the act, the violation of its provisions attracts no offence charges. If you pat your back for knowing the obvious reasons, we give you no points for that! The government's decision mandating the use of high-security registration plates (HSRP) for all vehicles has already lost its momentum. While HSRP is being installed on new vehicles, old ones continue with their old plates owing to a lack of proper infrastructure for changing plates.

Acquainting you with some of the art-

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If you feel concerned about the whole situation, let us acquaint you with some of the creativity that overflows. From 4061 that resembles a name to 4749, written in different scripts, that looks like the Prime Minister's surname, the number plates can twist any set of numerals into any influential name. If this doesn't captivate you then the motorcycle which reads "All India Press Editor" written in red or the ambassador with the signboard of "Poorv Lal Batti Dharak"(Ex-owner of a red beacon) surely would!

Adding to these artistic interpretations are number plates that read RAM and BOSS written by using Roman and Devanagari versions of the numerals in 2144 & 8055. Despite no strict actions for flouting the aforesaid act, you still have to be alert with your imagination. If your number plate offends all, you are bound for trouble. Like the vehicle that read 1515 written like ISIS. The police quickly tracked the car and the owners had to apologize and change their plate.

High-Security Registration plates to be made mandatory

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A senior transport official had said, "Making HSRP mandatory will end this problem. It will take a few months before all vehicles get HSRPs and the problem will be solved." In the past, traffic officials have neglected the violations and avoided fining the defaulters because the owners of such vehicles definitely have some political protection. "It is only people with clout who insist that it is their way on the highway. The normal people would not do such things and invite trouble," said an Additional Superintendent of Police.

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