Nurturing excellence, Modern Academy in Lucknow helps in empowering your child's future

Nurturing excellence, Modern Academy in Lucknow helps in empowering your child's future

Wanna give your child the comprehensive development they truly deserve? Schedule a visit today at Modern Academy in Gomti Nagar.

In the tumultuous era of our school tenure, graduating was quite a chaotic experience. The educational system was not well-established, with some schools being poorly built and lacking proper infrastructure. Moreover, there was a shortage of qualified teachers in many places, making it challenging to receive a quality education. As a result, some of us had to switch schools frequently, which school life quite tiresome.

If you somewhat relate to the struggle, you'd undoubtedly desire a premier educational institute for your child, a sanctuary full of amenities.

Providing a safe space clubbed with all the amenities one could hope for, Modern Academy in Lucknow – founded in 1999, the prestigious school is affiliated with the Council for The Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE). The school works towards imparting best in class education and holistic development for your child.

Modern grade facilities and infrastructure paired with traditional values

Combining traditional moral values with state-of-the-art infrastructure, modern amenities and a multifaceted pedagogy, Modern Academy stands tall as one of the most esteemed co-ed schools in Lucknow.

Speaking of infrastructure, Modern Academy boasts air-conditioned classrooms that are equipped with TataClassEdge smart teaching modules. This cutting-edge technology ensures that students have an immersive and interactive learning experience.

With this, the school's curriculum caters to a comprehensive array of disciplines – at the ISC level, their curriculum includes science subjects such as biotechnology, commerce and humanities, encompassing psychology, political science, art, history, mass media and economics. Furthermore, the school even has tie-ups with Akash Byju's and Physics Wallah coaching institutes to provide preparational courses for IIT-JEE and NEET exams.

A plethora of exceptional amenities for delivering best-in-class education

Modern Academy's educational curriculum transcends the confines of classrooms, embracing the best of both worlds through a harmonious blend of theoretical and practical learning methods.

With a team of exceptional teachers and cutting-edge teaching amenities, the school consistently achieves remarkable results year after year. In the most recent term, their top achievers attained an astounding 98% in ISC and 97.2% in ICSE.

The spacious school campus is further dotted with a myriad of other facilities. This includes a fully equipped library; physics, chemistry, and biology labs and even dedicated a biotechnology lab for providing young minds with the perfect environment to delve into the realm of knowledge and receive top-notch education. With this, the school offers convenient transportation services for students throughout the city.

All work and no play? No way!

Imagine a school where you never get a break from studying, where nobody recognizes your hidden talents or hobbies and where there is no time for sports or games. It doesn't just sound boring, it's downright wrong!

Thus, Modern Academy has specially curated its hobby clubs, catering to a range of interests including dance, music, sports and literature. Every Thursday, students can attend dedicated hobby classes, while regular sports and games periods are also incorporated into the schedule.

Additionally, the school goes above and beyond by actively encouraging student participation in annual festivals and events hosted by other schools where their students have consistently achieved numerous awards and accolades.

Unlock your child's full potential - Enroll today

Apart from all the facilities and amenities offered at the Modern Academy, the school has a specialized NCC wing, this provides a platform for young individuals to develop their physical fitness, learn the importance of teamwork, and cultivate discipline among them.

So, why even bother waiting to enroll your child in an institute that can truly shape their future, offering them the educational excellence and comprehensive development they truly deserve? Take a proactive step and schedule a visit today at Modern Academy in Gomti Nagar, Lucknow!

Where: Modern Academy, Viram Khand-5, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow

Contact: 8127366404/05, 9956010695 |

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