On Wednesday, Lucknow witnessed the most polluted Air in the past 14 months

On Wednesday, Lucknow witnessed the most polluted Air in the past 14 months

Air pollution in Lucknow took a drastic turn for the worst when on Wednesday, Lucknow recorded its most polluted AQI in the past 14 months. On Tuesday, the AQI in the city was nearing 406 and on Wednesday, it jumped 30 points and moved to a whopping 436. The AQI has been in the severe category for the past couple of weeks but with it jumping to 436, it became the highest polluted day in the past 1 year and 2 months.

The pollution in the city has, for a long time, been dwindling around the 400 mark, but with the fog setting in, the temperatures lowering and the amount of traffic that came in the wake of the new year all just made the AQI worse than it had been in the past couple of months.

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According to experts, the AQI has not suddenly dipped to this low, but has gradually settled in due to the lowering of temperatures and increased number of vehicular traffic during the Christmas to New Year window. Pollution in the city was caused mainly by the PM 10 and PM 2.5 pollutants, both of which are harmful for the human body. Some areas in Lucknow recorded the AQI as high as 500, becoming the most polluted areas of the city.

Experts have said that due to low temperatures and the lack of wind, there is no chance of dispersion of the pollution, so for a while, we’re gonna have to stick with the way things are. As for now, keep those air purifiers close and do your part by using as much public transport as you can.

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