'One District One Sport' scheme to strengthen UP's game in the sports sector

'One District One Sport' scheme to strengthen UP's game in the sports sector

This move comes after the success of 'One District, One Product' in UP

In a bid to motivate citizens to indulge in different sports, that will not only ensure their fitness but will also give us state champions, UP govt is mulling over the 'One District One Sport' scheme. Conceptualised on the lines of the ODOP scheme, the idea here is to promote at least one particular sport in every district of the state. Individuals can form a majority and finalise a sport, and use the various amenities which the authorities will create, to excel in it.

Targetting national & international sports tournaments

As per the initial reports, a specific sport for a district will be selected depending upon the majority's choice. For now, the promotion of three sports is on top priority- Badminton, Athletics, and Hockey, in 51 districts. Apart from these, a few other games have also been selected, these include- Table Tennis, Lawn Tennis, Judo, Wrestling, Archery, swimming, etc.

Additionally, dedicated sports tournaments will also be organised on regular basis under the 'One District One Sport' scheme. Players from each district will be given personal training, for which the UP sports department will employ coaches in these districts.

These coaches will be selected by a 3-member committee consisting of a representative from the Sports Authority of India, a District Sports Officer and the General Secretary of the Federation of that particular sport.

The scheme was first coined in this year's state budget. Currently, a proper layout of the program is in progress, besides, appropriate sports infrastructure will be ensured in each district, providing players with kits, and practising arena and sports equipment.

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