With Open-air Gyms, selfie-corners & more, Lucknow parks are all set for a makeover

Lucknow has been undergoing developments at a lightning speed and every once in a while, there are reports which absolutely make us applaud the efforts of the state government. On a similar note, Lucknow is set to undergo a facelift soon and these changes are aimed at making the city even more comfortable to live in.

The Lucknow Development Authority is undertaking steps which will ensure that the city soon boasts of more parks with modern and safe facilities like an open-air gyms, kids' corner, selfie corners and more.

What's Happening?

Open air gym in Lucknow Open air Gym in Lalbagh, LucknowImage by Mansoor Malik (Knocksense)

The Lucknow Development Authority has decided to provide the city with a makeover with new constructions and top-notch facilities to back it all up. The authorities have decided to renovate and upgrade more than 300 existing parks in Lucknow under its jurisdiction, pertaining to different parts of the city. On Monday this decision was undertaken on the directions of Lucknow's divisional commissioner, Mukesh Meshram and the estimated cost for the project is ₹5 crore.

Each park will now be furnished with seating arrangements, pathways, art and also a complaint centre where visitors can address their issues.

According to officials, of the 311 parks under their jurisdiction, 27 will be fully renovated and the other remaining 284 parks will be repaired and beautified to make them safer and attractive. As of now, most of the prominent parks in the city are in a degradable condition due to a long-standing ignorance by the concerned authorities and it is also termed as unsafe for kids playing with the broken installations. Similar conditions are also prevalent in the smaller parks across Lucknow.

Knock Knock

With such developments and facilities in line, surely Lucknow is steadily emerging as one of the most comfortable cities to be in. We hope, after the constructions, proper care of the amenities will be undertaken by the authorities to avoid decreased footfall and declining revenues.

In an effort to provide safe and sound lodging facilities for doctors, nurses, paramedics and other medical workers, UP Government authorities have taken over 4 major luxury hotels in the city. With the help of this, the medical workers constantly in contact with the Coronavirus strain will be kept isolated, so that the virus doesn't spread around.

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When it comes to food and Lucknow, biryani is a dish that has to come up. This vibrant dish of fluffy rice, succulent meat and heady aromas. A Lakhnavi or Awadhi biryani is truly one of the richest and yet the most simplest of dishes there are. Unlike the biryanis one would find down South or even in central India, an Awadhi biryani is much less masala heavy and more bent toward the aromas and layers of flavour.

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