Opt for affordable & sustainable health plans by Cicoproject to transform your fitness journey!

Opt for affordable & sustainable health plans by Cicoproject to transform your fitness journey!

The Lucknow-based fitness start-up by helps people adopt a scientific approach to body recomposition.

Have you been struggling along your weight loss/gain journey? Let us guess, you strictly followed a diet, you lost weight but regained as soon as you stopped? Did you know that roughly 80-90% of people regain their lost weight? This is because our mind-set toward fitness needs a little change.

Which is exactly why the importance of a well-learned nutritionist and fitness coach is crucial. Meet Rakesh Tiwari, your next-door fitness coach and guide when it comes to your elevating your health and lifestyle. His brainchild, an exciting fitness startup based in Lucknow, Cicoproject, is helping people stick to their transformation journey. Here's why.

'Evidence-based fitness practices are the need of the hour': Rakesh Tiwari, founder of Cicoproject

Cicoproject is a comprehensive fitness experience that caters to all body-types and offers expert guidance and personalised programmes.

Rakesh, who has pursued cardiovascular research at IIT Madras for seven years, chased his dream of creating a team of like-minded individuals and an evidence-based fitness coaching. And through this, he efficiently helps people understand and adopt a scientific approach to body recomposition.

"Staying fit in times like this is a challenge. It does not help that our supplement-selling fitness industry is taking advantage of this by spreading misleading misinformation. Shortcuts like detox diets, herbal shakes, etc, to get that gold-standard 'beach body' is encouraged. Achieving fitness has become a new year's resolution, a far-away difficult dream, rather than a real, sustainable life goal," explains Rakesh.

"To break away from this web of misinformation, evidence-based fitness practices are the need of the hour, where nutrition and training protocols are derived not from rumours and shortcuts but from published scientific research," he adds.

Choosing science-backed methods to achieve fitness goals through Cicoproject

At Cicoproject, Rakesh strives to achieve this through his tailored one-on-one coaching programme, focusing on developing a balanced yet economical nutrition-rich diet and a sustainable exercise regime. The well-chalked diet plans provided are flexible, dynamic, continuously upgraded and sustainable.

Not just that. Whether you opt for a 3-month-programme or one that lasts 6 months, the coach will help you reach your goal and educate you at the same time, so that you're able to maintain the regime even after the programme ends.

An economical, sustainable health plan

If the idea of virtual fitness classes, personalised training plans and nutritional guidance from the comfort of your homes entices you, this endeavour is for you! Starting at merely ₹1,999 per month, this economical health plan begins with a free consultation. So, what are you waiting for? Rebuild your health and life and transform your lifestyle.

Furthermore, through his online content, Rakesh spreads awareness about obesity with facts based on empirical evidence, challenging widespread misinformation about nutrition and training. Check out this Instagram page to hear simplified scientific jargon and logic behind fitness practices or eating habits that you are usually encouraged to adopt.

DM Cicoproject on Instagram to put forward your concerns, get solutions and embark on a unique and well-established fitness journey.

Website: https://www.cicoproject.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cicoproject/

Contact: +919956813583

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