Ornamenting the city with pictorial narratives, murals in Lucknow act as collective thought spaces

Have you ever halted on your way to take a good look at them?

Over the past few years, the City of Nawabs has been at the forefront of evolution and with each passing day, the authorities have been grooming the city in line with a wagon of new projects. Simultaneously, redefining Lucknow's character as a potpourri of cultures and a blend of the old and new, are wall arts, that have been illustrated at major junctions of the city!

Murals come with creative narratives that recite historical, social, spiritual and political statements and along with these features, they can make any space aesthetically appealing. And many of Lucknow's walls, intersections and even flyovers, are a testimony to that and more.

The Art of Visual Narratives!

Lucknow's Shaheed Path now stands a residence of personalities like Dhyan Chand, Cliff Richard, Gandhi'ji, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Mir Taqi Meer, amid others- all credits go to the art of mural painting! A revolutionary product of collaboration between LDA and Delhi Street Art, this locale also houses the painted renditions of the Bada Imambada, Rumi Darwaza, Charbgah Railway Station and more of such must-see places in Lucknow.

Similarly, if you have been around the Polytechnic Chauraha, you must've spotted a vividly emulsioned wall, running parallel to Wave Mall. This expanse displays snippets of India's heritage and culture alongside portraying paintings that have roots in historical and religious texts.

The muralists have also adorned the walls with salient memos, regarding water consumption, waste management and more of the same, to reach out to the public via easy pictorial formulae. The vibrancy of the artworks is simply eye-catching and these hand-painted murals have definitely breathed a new lease of life in this vicinity.

You can even catch sight of murals on the pillars of Lohia Flyover, which depict children and their professional aspirations and even near the PICUP Bhawan region, there are sprawling wall arts that encourage people to slow down and take a look around.

Knock Knock

Murals are a potent tool of emancipation, freedom of expression and social activism, among many other elements and accordingly, the kingdom of the Nawabs has been doused in its quintessence. These wall art pieces are continually coming up in different parts of the city as collective thought spaces and they also tinker with mass sentiments, generally for the greater good. Although Lucknow is known for its affluent lineage and cultural sophistication with generous slivers of nawabiyat, the city has matched its pace with the changing times and how!

Picture Credits: Pawan Kaushal

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