Paan stains, cobwebs & disrepair: Unveiling layers of apathy at Hazratganj multi-level parking

Paan stains, cobwebs & disrepair: Unveiling layers of apathy at Hazratganj multi-level parking

Irresponsible littering and neglect team up to paint a sorry picture!

After covering the dirt and lack of hygiene outside the Hazratganj Multi-level Parking, we decided to step inside its premises and we're afraid, we have more bad news. The open urination outside the parking premises is only the beginning of a sorry story of neglect and general disregard.

As you step in, paan stains, cobwebs, and scattered litter may catch your attention. The real surprise, however, hits when you discover the non-functional lifts. Join us for an eye-opening visual tour of this less-than-pleasant space.

Tale of neglect and irresponsible littering

At the Muli-level Parking, visitors can see a warning against spitting is painted on the walls, accompanied by the threat of fines. However, it appears that either the people of Lucknow are not discreet with their spitting habits, or the parking attendants are lax in maintaining cleanliness. The walls on every floor, including the doors of storage rooms, bear the colorful marks of gutkha and paan, defying the warning.

More than just paan stains, cobwebs are a common sight on every floor of the parking facility. Whether on the staircase, pillars, ceiling, or freshly painted walls, cobwebs seem to have found a home. Adding to the unpleasant atmosphere, pizza boxes, disposable coffee cans, plates, and crushed cans litter the staircase. Some of the waste has been left unattended for days, with one staircase platform resembling an overflowing dustbin.

To exacerbate the hygiene issues, water leakages on the upper floors have created puddles, contributing to the overall sorry state of cleanliness at the location. Despite efforts to maintain order, Ganj Parking reflects a persistent challenge in upholding cleanliness standards.

Hike in parking charges for this?

Recently, Hazratganj Multi-level Parking hiked the parking tariff and monthly charges by up to 20%. But a quick walkthrough of the place made us question whether this hike in parking fees is being complemented by efforts of the administration towards the parking's maintenance and cleanliness.

We're pretty sure that the Lucknowites won't bat an eyelid at a 20% hike in parking fees if they see an upgrade in hygiene and convenience. But until then, we just have to ask 'hike in parking charges for this?'

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