Pan Masala banned in UP following nationwide lockdown to fight COVID-19

The Uttar Pradesh government banned the production and sale of pan masala for the next 21 days, until the end of the nationwide lockdown. One may ask why this move was necessary, and the answer is simple- pan masala can be an easy carrier of the deadly virus.

What's the update?

While the UP government has banned the production and sale of pan masala, they have also announced that important services will still remain open. Additionally, they have also stated that they will ensure home delivery of essential items such as food, water, provisions, medicines and other essential items.

The authorities also stated that in UP, all essential shops and markets will remain open. This would include chemist stores, general stores, petrol pumps and other similar stores.

As for the coronavirus cases in Uttar Pradesh, there seem to be a total of 38 positive cases in the state. At any rate, the authorities are prepping for the worst of scenarios. Hospitals in Uttar Pradesh have a total of 6,000 beds, which is enough to treat existing and new cases of the virus, provided a cure is found soon.

Knock Knock

The authorities reiterated the fact that they are looking to do some good for the community and also stated that if a person shows any symptoms related to coronavirus during home quarantine, then they can call at the helpline number 18001805145 issued by the government.

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